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First it’s important to realize that a nickel allergy is a threshold allergy. This means that as long as a person who has the allergy isn’t exposed to too much of it, she will be fine.  How much nickel is too much will vary from person to person, as everyone with the allergy has a different threshold. There are a few things you can do to get relief if you happen to have a nickel allergy. 
Avoid or Eliminate Medically Attached/Implanted Nickel Products. This means avoiding the implantation of nickel into your body (surgical pins, braces and permanent retainers, IUDs or more permanent devices like Essurejoint replacements, etc.) or removing whatever ones you feasibly can, will make the biggest difference.  As the medical world becomes more aware of the serious consequences of nickel allergies, professionals are starting to offer nickel-free alternatives. You should ask your doctor or orthodontist about nickel-free devices if you believe you have a nickel allergy. If they say they aren’t aware of nickel-free items, you may need to be proactive and look for alternatives on your own.  
In some instances, you can have a device that is causing you havoc removed or replaced by your medical provider. This probably isn’t feasible or advisable if it’s a life-sustaining device, of course.  However the majority of these devices can be removed or replaced safety; bringing you relief from symptoms.  Once removed, you will most likely experience immediate improvement to your health - but remember that the problem will not go away overnight or even that month. This is because nickel can be deposited in various soft tissues and your body needs time to heal, removing the offending devices is simply the first step.  This allergy will not go away any more than will, say, a cat allergy. Your good health will depend on you keeping nickel levels low (they can never be at zero so this can get tricky).  Also remember to aid in your healing by eating healthy foods, exercising, and keeping your stressors low. Some people find that a low nickel diet is necessary to keep them healthy, but many people are fine once they remove the device and take time to heal – as long as they avoid nickel products in the future.
Don’t Smoke.  You’ve been hearing this your entire life. And here is another reason to abandon any aspirations you have of being a smoker. Tobacco contains nickel in itsnatural state, and the way that it is processed introduces even more nickel. And you are inhaling it directly into your lungs.  If you smoke, or are exposed to second-hand smoke, be aware that commercial cigarettes, specifically, will irritate your allergy. Notably e-cigarettes emit even more nickel than their low-tech counterparts. 
Take Care to Keep Your Iron and Zinc Levels High.  Studies have shown that people who are iron deficient have higher levels of nickel. Your body will make up for other deficiencies by upping your nickel content, so to speak. To combat the absorption of nickel, make sure that your body has plenty of iron and zinc.  This means eating a healthy, balanced diet or, at the least, taking supplements.  Even if you already have too much nickel in your body consuming more zinc could help lower your nickel levels, providing very welcome aid to your liver.
Wear The Finest Of Jewelry.   This is definitely my favorite of all recommendations! Finer jewelry will contain little to no nickel. Many metals are composites of a variety of metals. Nickel is a popular addition to composites because it’s durable and inexpensive. Most people don’t mind, but those with nickel allergies can really suffer.  Remember that items marked “sensitive solutions” may not work for you if you're particularly sensitive.  

  • Most companies consider surgical steel to be hypoallergenic, however it contains enough nickel to irritate some people with nickel allergies. 
  • The next quality level would be sterling silver.  If surgical steel causes you problems, try the sterling silver. It contains less nickel. However, you may still have a reaction and will have to move to the next level.
  • The lady with a severe nickel allergy is “lucky” indeed. She requires  18k (yellow) Gold  or Platinum gifts of jewelry. It’s expensive but, hey, you need this!  In fact, if you’re getting a piercing of any type, insist on a gold stud to keep your piercing infection free and to reduce your chances of acquiring a nickel allergy.  Ear piercing is believed to be a sensitizing event for many women, so if you're going to have your daughter's ears pierced, take the same precaution.  Remember that white gold is made white by being mixed with other metals, almost always including nickel. There are some other types of metal that are totally nickel free, but they are not as commonly found at your local jewelry store. 
So here is a simple breakdown of ways to try and relieve your symptoms. These are in no particular order: do what makes sense for you:
  • Avoid exposure to cigarette smoke
  • Try a low nickel diet (we will share one with you in the next day or two)
  • Ensure you're getting enough iron and zinc in your diet; consider taking a supplement. Be cautious about multivitamins because some contain nickel.
  • Do not wear jewelry made of anything less than sterling silver, and remember that even jewelry marked as hypoallergenic may not work for you. This includes even sterling silver, white gold, and for some people even yellow gold under 18k.
  • Remove hardware from your body. This can mean permanent retainers, braces, body piercings, IUD’s, even surgical pins or joint replacements. Nickel free alternatives are available in many cases: find a practitioner who will use them! 
  • If you're particularly sensitive and can't avoid touching metals that contain nickel (e.g., your Mac, your iphone, zippers, purse fasteners, some door handles, etc.) use cases or coatings to create a barrier between you and the offending item. Coatings are available in the form of protective sprays (or paint smaller items with clear nail polish)
  • You can test whether an item contains nickel with nickel testing kits. You can order these by clicking on the image below.

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Do you suffer from headaches but hate taking the migraine medications because they make you sick? Have you shuddered as you slathered corticosteroid cream on your little one, knowing there might be nasty side effects but not wanting her to suffer from her rash any more than she needs?  We have collected some fabulous alternative cures to common maladies. If you’re tired of collecting prescriptions or wasting money on over the counter medicine, these might be of value to you. 

Heartburn –  “I suffer from this on a regular basis. I used Prilosec for awhile but sometimes even that can’t keep my heartburn in check and I’m seriously tired of trying to sleep as the heartburn continues to wake me up.  I heard that eating almonds would stop heartburn and decided to give it a try as I had nothing to lose. I eat 5 almonds (either raw or roasted; unsalted seems to work best for some reason) and my heartburn disappears within minutes. Try it!

Warts – “I had warts on my feet. I had the doctor remove one and it was kind of terrible. He would burn and scrape until the wart was gone. It never came back but when I got 2 more warts, I didn’t really have the heart to return to the doctor’s office. I heard that covering the warts with duct tape could help remove them. My mom bought me some really cute duct tape and a pumice stone. I covered the warts with the tape every day (sometimes twice daily) and used the pumice stone to shed dead skin once a week. I found I needed to wear socks all the time so I wasn’t embarrassed by the tape shedding in unexpected places (like my boyfriend’s apartment). It took 4 months but it worked! I’m happy to say I no longer have warts. ”

Skin Conditions – “I have Keratitis Pelaris. My skin gets dry, then bumpy. I really hate this rash and suffered through years of using prescription medicine to keep it in check.  One day I bought some goat milk soap at a street fair – just because I liked the smell of it. After a few days of using it, I realized my rash was gone. I got brave and quit using the prescribed corticosteroid creams. For the most part, goat milk soap controls my rash! During the dead of winter, I do have to use a heavy moisturizer or shea butter to protect my skin but that is so much nicer than having to depend on corticosteroids. I’ve recommended this soap to tons of friends and family members who are parents of toddlers with stubborn rashes. Everyone has come back and thanked me because this really works and doesn’t have the scary warnings found on the prescription medicines. I do have a preference of supplier, I order mine from www.creamerycreek.com.  My favorite is the Black Raspberry. “

Hiccups – “When I get the hiccups, I head to the kitchen for 1 teaspoonful of granulated sugar. It stops my hiccups in no time flat! I would say it works 85% of the time. The rest of the time I just suffer.” 

Sore Throat – “I have a few remedies to take care of a sore throat.
  • Gargle with 1 T. salt in 1 C. of warm water.  That usually gives me at least temporary relief and I am told that salt has some healing values.
  • Drizzle 1 T. honey down my throat and the sore throat is usually gone – for awhile, at least. And it tastes better than salt water.
  • Drink warm Lemonade.  Mix 1 T. lemon juice, 2 T sugar (more if you want it), and hot water together. Top with a dallop of butter. The lemon and warm water provide relief while the butter seems to coat your throat and ensure that relief is long lasting.
  • Hot Toddy. Mix 2 oz of whiskey or brandy with 1 T honey, 1 t. lemon juice, sugar to taste, and 1 c hot water.  The lemon is healing and the whiskey lets you sleep and reduces any coughing.“

Headache -  “Sometimes the source of my headache determines the action I take. Here are a few of my strategies:
  • Headpressing:  This works on all types of headaches and I do not know why. I only know that it brings relief about 80% of the time to me or anyone (i.e., friends, family, coworkers) to whom I offer it.  The headache sufferer sits in front of the presser. Using the thumbs, the presser presses 3 seconds at a time on the patient’s head in a pattern that would look like braids (see the above picture – you would press along the same path you see as braids in the hair). To start, both thumbs press in the hairline/forehead area and then work back and down toward the neck.  Once the presser has pressed all the way down to the bottom of the skull, the presser should gently massage the patient’s ears for another three seconds. 
  • Hot Bath:  In a dim to dark bathroom, run a hot bath (as hot as you can comfortably enjoy), pull your hair up, and sink into the bath until you are submerged to your chin. Relax and the let the heat do the work.
  • Throw Up: If this is a migraine and you have tried the hot bath to no avail, throw up. This can be difficult to do. Use a toothbrush or some other longer handle and tickle the back of your throat while hanging out around the toilet. The weird thing about migraines is that throwing up usually does the trick. But it’s so gross, I always use it only as a last resort.”

**We're looking for some solutions to insomnia. Insomnia can be defined as either 1) having difficulty going to sleep, or 2) having difficulty staying asleep.  Everyone seems to have ideas, but we really want success stories. Share yours in the comments, please.**

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I just read this ridiculous article, 25 Ways to Communicate Respect that I found while cruising the internet. This author is "helping" women everywhere learn how to keep their marriages alive and well.  

So helpful.

She has created a list of 25 ways to show your husband he is respected (I am wondering about wives and respect. Do we get some?).  I’m wondering if she is heavily medicated, has a picture perfect husband, or is simply delusional. Anyway, I thought I would go through this list with you and see how it might apply to creating a picture perfect life. 

1.  Choose Joy.A happy wife makes a happy life. Don’t forget that.”  Wait!  She really said that? I think that is one idiom that should be on the man’s list to building a happy marriage. Don’t you think?  I’m about as happy as they come but no, I do not feel obligated to put on my happy face every single time I see my husband. Because sometimes an unhappy wife is just the motivation a man needs. Love is not about lying to your partner about how you feel; it’s about working together to make life good for each other.  I guess if you ever hear me advising you to “choose Joy” you can be sure I’m trying to pick out your new daughter’s name.

2. Honor His Wishes.  The author seems to think your husband will really really wishing you would have his dinner on the table the moment he walks in the door each evening. She never has met my husband. See, when my husband gets home from work the table is set for dinner, the house is clean (or at least reasonably so on bad days), and the kids are excited to reconnect with their Daddy. He wants none of that. If I am to honor his wishes I will have all of the kids and myself cleared out of the house when he comes home. We will stay disappeared until he has had a chance to relax and use the bathroom – that usually takes about 40 minutes. He really doesn’t enjoy coming home to the bustle of family life. Oh, and when we do finally make our reappearance, could I please have the kids already bathed, fed, and ready for bed? Because the next thing he wishes for is sex. Every night. Right after I’ve brushed my teeth.  Not going to happen.

3. Give Him Your Undivided Attention.  I almost fell off the couch while laughing at her advice; not going to lie. She advises us women folk to lay all things aside when your husband speaks, look into his eyes attentively, and “listen to what he is saying with the goal of understanding and remembering his words.” Me-thinks she has confused the word wife with the phrase “favorite pet dog.”  I found this a little condescending and was thinking about it when my husband tried to talk to me tonight. Well, all marriages can use improvement so I gave it a try.  I stopped doing the dishes, told my three year to go to her room so I had some time for eye gazing, and tucked the baby into a closet where I couldn’t hear him demand to be fed again (breast feeding is going well, but I will need to stop this nonsense if I am to drop everything to listen attentively when my husband speaks – especially if I am to make it a goal to understand and remember what he has said.) It took twenty minutes to “drop everything” but I finally turned to him to share this meaningful moment. I gazed into his eyes and said, “Yes, Dear, what did you want to talk to me about?”  He told me he saw cows having sex (in the field, by the freeway on his way to work) and that he was really glad the Red Sox took the World Series.  I am trying to remember, I will never understand, and I think the kids could have stayed in the room for that one. I guess I’m just never going to be a model wife.

4. Don’t Interrupt.  Okay the author and I have found one area in which we agree. Don’t interrupt your spouse. It’s rude and disrespectful. Let him complete his thoughts without the pressure of you nipping at his heels with comments that impede his ability to finish his thought. Even if his thought is about the cows having sex, you can wait until he is finished to meaningfully add to his tale. Wait, I’m not sure if that author allows women to have meaningful conversations. We’ll have to wait until we have read item #25.

5. Emphasize His Good Points. “Choose to focus on your husband’s admirable qualities.”  At this point in my life, I’m not sure how this would look. Do I wake him to admire his kind eyes when he has drifted into an exhausted sleep; knowing one of us must be up in 2 hours with our night owl baby? Perhaps I should admire his once-toned muscles as he hoists the groceries into the back of the car. In reality, the only good points he wants to hear about at this point goes something like this, “I’m hot for you, the kids are watching Sesame Street, and I know you can take care of my salacious needs in 10 minutes flat so….go!”  He knows I married him because he is a good man with admirable qualities but when a couple has young children, nobody has time to point them out or we will miss our window of opportunity for sex and then I would not be Honoring His Wishes. La Dee Da.

6.  Pray For Him.  OMG!! This is a quote from her article – “tell your mate the positive, and tell God the negative.”  Doesn’t that make me a two-faced byatch?  I refuse to tell him all is great and he is great and we are great and then run tell God all the bad things. My mom always told me that Rule #1 to a good relationship is to make your partner look good to everyone. That means I don’t bad mouth him or reveal his weaknesses to anyone – not even God. What is this author thinking?

Okay, there are 25 of these and I think I might have to find a way to crawl through cyberspace to kick this woman in the shins and yell, "Shut up, Patrice!" Oh how I wish her name was Patrice. What is she thinking?  She is so completely unrealistic regarding what it takes to make a good marriage or relationship.  So I’m going to tell you the secrets every woman needs to have a happy marriage (well hetero marriage because that is all I know)

The Real Road to a Great, Long-Term Relationship

1.  Find the Right Man. No man is perfect but there is someone out there who is perfect for you. Find a man who will love you, treat you with respect, and be faithful to you – even when you look like an insane homeless person because you decided to combine yard work with child care and things got out of hand when the dog jumped the fence and bit the mailman. And you need to feel the very same way about him.  If you start with the wrong man, you just can’t make it work.

2. Make Each Other Look Good.  There is a lot of value in creating a relationship where your spouse will never bad mouth you to friends or make you the butt of his jokes. Even if you deserve to be bad mouthed (and don’t we all at one time or another) there is solace in knowing that your husband will spin the situation so others continue to hold you in high regard. This builds trust in a marriage – which is necessary because day to day living is messy and sometimes not very attractive. It also works to create an excellent image of the two of you for others. No one values a person who does not love his spouse and absolutely no one values that spouse – and vice versa. Making each other look good also speaks toward how you treat each other in public. Rolling your eyes and/or being disrespectful to your loved one in public invites others to do the same – and devalues your relationship.

3.  Value What Each Other Values (core values only).  If this seems impossible, refer to #1. You must have shared values or you can’t have a respectful, loving marriage. That doesn’t mean you have to value cows having sex – but it does mean you need to value the humor his story brings to your relationship. He doesn’t have to value the bustle of family life the second he gets home from work - but he does have to value his family and be committed to supporting and loving the people who comprise that family. When you share values, you can work through the hard stuff. You can make space for his love of baseball and he can make space for your love of an uninterrupted weekly bubble bath (well, you might have to take said bath at 3 a.m. because kids don’t really honor those times that exclude them).  This goes for religion (you either need to both value the same religion or a degree of religious devotion). If you are a devout church non-attender and he is a devout church attender there will be problems at critical points in your marriage.  Holding vastly differently values should be a deal breaker when your goal is a long-term relationship.

4. It Takes Two To Tango.   If you’ve ever had a fight with your husband and asked someone for advice, you have probably heard (or even used) this adage.  The truth is, it does indeed take two to Tango. And when the Tango happens; it is a thing of wonder. However, it takes two to Tango. When doling out the advice remember this. If one of the partners refuses to Tango, it isn’t going to happen. Don’t blame the person who is up for the dance and doesn’t have a willing partner. And don’t advise that poor schmuck to try harder. This is also advice you need to take to heart if the Tango ever dances away from your marriage.

5. Don’t Lose Track of Who He Is. You love him for who he is, you agree to marry him for who he is, and as your marriage progresses you can honor who he is by remembering him. This is such a difficult thing to do but it is integral to your long term success. Buy him little gifts that remind you of him, take walks with him (family in tow) so the kids can run while the two of you talk to each other, go on dates that are regularly scheduled and pre-empted by nothing but death and possibly labor pains. Making each other a priority is important as life has a way of swooping you away and making you forget who even you are – if you each hold a tiny part of each others’ essence in your hearts, that will keep you together through the toughest of times.

6. Always Kiss Goodbye.  These kisses will ensure you are kissing each other at least once a day and will remind both of you about who you love while you are apart.  When I was in my teens, I laughed at a girlfriend who kissed her dad goodbye as he dropped us off at the movies. She said, “I always kiss him goodbye because I never know what will happen to either of us while we are apart.”  A friend of mine was killed recently in an auto-bicycle accident. I really hoped he had kissed his wife goodbye before he left home. You never know when your kiss goodbye will be final – so don’t let the moment pass.

Now go read the other article if you need a really good laugh. 

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Wild Salmon - When selecting salmon always purchase wild salmon. If the labeling states Atlantic or Farm Bred, you are purchasing salmon that was crammed into pens and fed antibiotics, soy, pesticides, poultry feathers, and hydrolyzed chicken feathers. Salmon raised under these conditions also leave you at a higher risk of mercury poisoning and cancer.

Organic Milk – Always check the label to ensure the milk is produced without artificial hormones: it’s usually labeled organic mild. Dairy farmers use recombinant bovine growth hormone to boost milk production.  These hormones (rBGH or rBST) have been banned in most industrialized countries (but not the U.S.) as per Rick North, the project director for the Campaign for Safe Food at Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility.

Organic Potatoes – Always look for the organic potatoes or purchase your potatoes from a supplier whose potatoes actually sprout in the bag before they rot. People don’t really think about this, but potatoes (and all other root vegetables) absorb anything that is sprayed or tilled into the soil. When you feed your family non-organic potatoes you are actually giving them a dose of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.  If your older potatoes don’t sprout, they have absorbed too many chemicals. 

Grass-Fed Beef – Always hold out for grass-fed beef. Cows aren’t supposed to be nomming on corn and soybeans, they were meant to eat grass. The corn and soybeans are used to fatten them up more quickly. A study recently conducted by Clemson University and the USDA shows grass-fed beef to be higher in beta-carotene, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and omega-3s. It’s also lower in heart disease- inducing saturated fats.

Old Fashioned Popcorn – Go for the old fashioned, pop it in a popper kind of popcorn to save yourself from all sorts of chemicals, including perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). It vaporizes from the linings of those special microwave bags directly into your popcorn during the microwave process and is suspected to cause infertility in humans.  You can re-think this in 2016 because DuPont and other manufacturers are under a voluntary EPA agreement to clean this mess up by 2015.

Tomatoes – Purchase the ones processed in glass jars or a box (like at Trader Joe’s) rather than cans; or can them yourself. The linings of cans can contain bisphenol-A, a synthetic estrogen that can leach into those acidic tomatoes and has been linked to reproductive problems, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. 

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I used to love going to my grandmother’s house. She was a sweetheart and she often had bananas.  I loved bananas! Sometimes she would hide her bananas because she didn’t have enough to share. To her surprise, I could smell them and would always ask for one anyway. 

Fast forward: I was a mom and, recalling my love for bananas, I started buying them again. I didn't go to Whole Foods - I just went to the normal grocery store as usual. And they tasted kind of flat and bland and I couldn’t smell them anymore. What happened to the smooth, creamy bananas from my childhood? I shrugged it off as a taste enhanced by happy childhood memories and settled for the new banana taste.

One afternoon, my daughter and I headed to the store for groceries. We wanted some bananas but they were out. There were only a few yucky, green ones and one or two nasty brown ones left. As I turned to walk away, I noticed some organic bananas over in the Organic section. I suggested we pick up some organic bananas and my daughter went, well....bananas. I had taught her to eschew anything organic because I believed that food was food and deemed people crazy when they wanted to go out of their way to pay more for organic foods.  Such a good daughter. Against her vehement protestations, I bought my first bunch of organic bananas and we headed home. I explained to her that they hadn’t been gassed to force ripening like the bananas we normally purchased but they should still taste okay. 

One taste of an organic banana brought memories of my grandmother’s bananas flooding back to me.  And I suddenly understood what gassing a banana does to the flavor, texture and smell. And guess who could smell bananas again? That was our first experience with organic food.

We pay a price for expecting year round access to many fruits and vegetables.  Industry meets the demand by doing what is needed to preserve them and keep them blemish (and bug) free. Our food is gassed, sprayed, and waxed to increase sales. For most of the population, it mostly impacts taste (like my bananas). However, some people are sensitive to taste and others, apparently many others, are sensitive to the chemicals. And so they go out of their way to purchase foods minus all the added help. 

FAST FACT: Contrary to common belief, bananas do not grow on trees. They grow from a root structure on a plant that is classified as an arborescent perenniel herb. It is the largest known herbaceous flowering plant and the banana is actually its berry! But everyone still refers to it as a banana tree.